Intersect Environmental Community Organizing (IntersectECO)  is a student-led, grassroots organization determined to unite, prepare, and empower generations of students to embody intersectional environmental stewardship.


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2nd Annual Community for Climate Conference

On a rainy day in April 2018, over 100 community members, faculty, and students from eight universities and one high school gathered in the Mitchell Athletic Center at Denison University to see change happen.


The theme for the 2nd Annual IntersectECO Community for Climate Conference revolved around the topic of Intersectional Environmental Communication, or to break it down further, how do we talk about the environment with different communities!  


Dr. Cecilia Martinez, the first keynote speaker of the day, is the co-founder and Executive Director at the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy (CEED). As an indigenous person from the hills of New Mexico, Dr Martinez highlighted the horrible environmental inequalities and injustices that have occurred in indigenous communities across the colonized United States for decades. Her speech underscored the importance of knowing this history of the land, and talking with and working with communities of color and historically underrepresented groups.


Heather Taylor-Miesle, the President of the Ohio Environmental Council discussed the importance of a narrative when talking about environmental issues. Her speech emphasized the importance of community buy in and collaboration in order to make effective change.


Additionally, the workshops that ran in the morning were both inspiring, educational and empowering! We have five workshops:

  • Indigenous Community Expression through art - Paulino Mejia, Mayan Artist/Activist

  • Urban Environmental Education to students of color - Nicole Jackson

  • Financing the War on Climate Change: The Power of Financial Sovereignty - Dr. Fadhel Kaboub, Economics

  • Organizing on College Campuses - Craig Freeland, Denison Student Union

  • Putting the Idea to Practice: Design Thinking - Steve Krak, Denison Red Frame Lab

This is the time to make a change, and this is the time to have these important conversations. We are so grateful for all of the folks that came inspire one another, and spur on the action in our own communities.